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Dam Vibrator Unit for Mass Concrete Compaction

VMH-Series / Hydraulic type

Mass concrete compaction for biggest granulation
Variable mounting possibilities
Hydraulic drive is operated by motor of the vehicle,
therefore independent from other external energy supply


Unit for mass concrete compaction Quantity of vibrators VMH-150 Theoretic compacting efflency* (m3/h) Required minimum liffting power of the excavator**(kn) Required flow at 180 bar (l/min) Total weight(kg)
VM2HD 2 70 - 100 7.5 32 660
VM3HD 3 105 - 150 8.6 48 730
VM4HD 4 140 - 200 10.3 64 850

※ Depending on the concrete characteristics only the concreting time is onsidered
    (without moving, respectively new positioning the excavator)

※ Additionally the hydraulic system of the excavator must have enough reserve
    capacity for the necessary movements of the excavator arm.

Vibrator Head diameter
Total lenghth
Hesd length
Nominal frequency
Centrifugal force
VMH-150 150 1,190 550 7,200 21,468


Hydraulic internal vibrators for VMH-150 are especially suitable for mass concrete compaction of biggest granualation(max.Ø approx. 250mm) because of their high centrifugal forces. All these components are carefully mated together and provide therefore a long life and a high reliability with high power, which is necessary for this hard application.

The vibrators are operated by the hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle.

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