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High Frequency Concrete Vibrator With an Electronic Ingreated Inverter

VMI - 2000 / VH Series

High Frequency motor-in-head internal vibrator with an integrated,
compact electronic inverter in the switch housing

Easy operation: Plugs directly into a standard wall socket High performance with maximum speed in the poker's head(12,000rpm)

VH-35/40/50/60 pokers

Various size of the head suitable for demanding applications.

VMI-2000 inverters

Built-in motor protection for short circuits, ground fault,
high temperature and phase failures

high frequency concrete vibrating poker korea,high frequency concrete vibrating poker


A standing output voltage create

There is fluent from inside input voltage permit limited, a standing output voltage maintenance and
stable application of power.

The most compact size in the world

In existing a type of stop box of inverter it compares and it is a kip size with smallest of light weight and
one worker easily handle so much working curtailment and the transport custody willing get also
water proof with the inverter box

Leakage of interception by automatic disconnection sensor insert of the head

Immediate automatically interception and electric shock accident prevention with the vibration head and
initially prevention of ground connection outlet and as oneself internal sensor or origin blockades.

high frequency concrete vibrating poker korea,high frequency concrete vibrating poker


Technical Data VH-35 VH-40 VH-50 VH-60
Head diameter(mm) 35 40 50 60
Head length(mm) 355 335 375 420
Head weight(kg) 2.3 2.8 4.3 7.2
Input voltage(V) 110-250
Input phase(Ø) 1
Input frequency(Hz) 50 / 60
Output voltage(V) 48 110 110 200
Output phase(Ø) 3 3 3 3
Output frequency(Hz) 240 240 240 240
Output current(A) 2.6 2.9 4.8 7.0
Vibrations(vpm) up to 12,000
Inverter box weight(Kg) 2.1
Inverter box dimension(mm) 185x78x75

※ Weight as shown above does not include the weight of cable.