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Vibromaster Inverter Type of Hicycle


Vibromaster Pendulum type concrete vibrator
makes 9,000~12,000VPM in the vibrator-head and
remove all excessive water and air in the
raw concrete so that the concrete becomes
stronger and better.

Housing inverter manufacturer korea

Housing inverter manufacturer korea

3 Phase Motor / VI-2008

Voltage 180 ~ 250V Power 1.5HP
Current 5A Motor(+Inverter) 3 phases(+Inverter)
Weight 12.2kg R.P.M / Low 3,600
Cycle 50 / 60Hz R.P.M / High 3,900

Comparisions of New VI-2008 & VPM Series

Model Motor HP R.P.M Weight Soft start Function Protect Motor Create water cleaning
VI-2008 3 phases 1.5HP Low : 3,600
High : 3,900
12.2kg Yes more SA(Flicker)
more 11A(RPM down)
more 20A(Stop)
input, 180/250V
output, creation
Existing motor 1 phase 2.0HP 50Hz : 3,000
60Hz : 3,600
17.0kg None over 5A, troubled Regard to input power,
output changed