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Vibromaster Housing Inverters DSC Series

VMI2000 / DSC Series

Vibromaster DSC Series are the micro inverter specially
designed to supply the continuously stable electricity with the motor-in-head vibrator.
Equipped with intelligent power module controlled circuit protector having the ability to
react on the suddendrop of input voltage.

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  • No separation of materials.
  • Fine surface of concrete without air bubbles.
  • The expansion of the working radius to maximun 600m
  • Higher improvement of concrete solidity.
  • Removing the cause of electric shock by using 42~48V
  • Decrese of working weight and work forces.


Technical Data DSC-120MI DSC-220MI
Input power(Kva) 2.5 2.5
Input voltage(V) 100 / 200
Input current(A) 6.0 10.0
Input frequency(Hz) 50~60
Input phase() 1
Output power(Kva) 2.0 2.0
Output voltage(V) 48
Output current(A) 25.0 25.0
Output frequency(Hz) 240
Output phase() 3
Number of outlets 1 2
Dimensions(W x L x Hmm) 240 x 240 x 210 335 x 270 x 260
Weight(Kg) 6.0


? Weight as shown above does not include the weight of cable.